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Yakitori Grill

In 2013, I took a local ceramics class which was the first time my hands touched clay in 15 years. It wasn't long before the need to do something beyond spinning clay into bowls and vases that I needed to do something a little more...intricate. 


Thus, the yakitori grill was started. I had just recently finished an article in Bon Appettit (May 2012) in which the author Adam Sachs was creating a pop-up dinner party on a rooftop in Brooklyn. The opening page featured the author grilling out on a city rooftop on a small clay grill. Without reading the article I knew I needed this cooking apparatus in my life. 

The build out of clay was a working prototype which I hung onto and used for a few years before it finally cracked and fell apart. No loss, I hadn't used clay to withstand the heat and it was only large enough for 1-2 people. Based on this initial design we now offer these yakitori grills built from sturdy, last forever, American steel in 3 sizes available below.

Yakitori Grills

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